“Those *#!? blinking lights”

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5 Responses

  1. John M Farrell says:

    Hey John:

    I appreciated your thoughtful post on those &((%$W# lights. All of what you said is true. I also appreciate your following thru on
    obtaining the red flags.
    However (and you did state this) I purposefully did not include your name in my post regarding crossing at Elm without engaging the light.
    I am a bit frustrated? that you did include my name as the person who “called you out” at the Elm street crossing. You stated that I “yelled” at you which people who read your post probably felt that it was mean spirited. In fact I was smiling when I was “yelling” ……no mean spirit here. Just wanted to clear that up.
    All the best,

    • John Pepper says:

      I do owe you an apology John. I wrote the precursor to this post with very little thought and despite taking time NOT to name you in this post, quickly added your name to the list serve post and regret that. You deserve better. And thanks for the smile… while I was too busy crossing safely to take note, I should have. Thanks for all that you continue to do for the town in your appointed position too… it matters a lot. John

  2. Jake McGrew says:

    Thanks for including my quote about the referendum. Like with all modern news with a bias you used that nicely to make your point without providing the context. I explained in my post that some unthoughtful people had pushed the button (during a busy time of day with lines of traffic in both directions I might add) and then DID NOT CROSS. They stood on the side of the road chatting with some friends and then finally decided to cross when the lights were towards the end of their cycle. Obviously these lights are good for kids’ safety and their is some benefit to having them, but they do impact the character of this historic little town. And when people pull crap like what I have described above, I see Jerseyfication of Norwich.

    • John Pepper says:

      Thanks Jake. I’m sorry I didn’t add all context. Tried to put together a thoughtful post but knew it wouldn’t please all, especially the few of you quoted. I understand the brief frustration of people pushing and then not crossing, but in the whole its not worthy of getting super upset about I don’t think. That isn’t the norm. They didn’t “pull crap”, they just pushed and then saw someone they wanted to talk to. And cars can cross when they see its clear, I think. Regardless, the real impact on our historic little town is the lack of civility that keeps increasing. That’s where we need to focus, in my humble opinion (I, too, am always working on it myself… none of us are immune)

    • John Pepper says:

      Jake. Are you the same Jake inquiring about office space in Hanover and writing negative comments about boloco? Maybe there are 2 Jacob McGrews in Norwich?

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